Acrylic Desk Shield

Acrylic Sneeze Guard/Shield for Restaurant, Grocery Stores, Salons, & Retailers Feature: It is a patchwork that can be installed easily when a sanitary environment is required



Variant and Size

Variant Size
Clear 600mm(L) X 600mm(H) X 600mm(W)
600mm(L) X 600mm(H)
900mm(L) X 600mm(H)
36 in(L) X 33 in(H) X 8 in(W)
Clear with White Polycarbonate 1800mm(L) X 600mm(H) X 1200mm(W)
Blue & Clear P.P. Sheet 900mm(L) X 600mm(H)
Blue & Clear P.P. Sheet with White Polycarbonate 1200mm(L) X 600mm(H) X 1200mm(W)
Customizable size available